1.13 update

Cyph a posted Jun 9, 18

How should the 1.13 update affect the server map

With the release of 1.13 soon upon us, We need your input. With 1.13 comes many changes to the gameplay as well as the map itself. Some features of 1.13 will not be compatible with the current map. This is where we need your help. How should the map be affected by the update?

Below is a poll.

   Option 1 will be to not do anything other than add 1.13 on to the current map. In some cases, this would be fine. However, this has its own issues. Some features of 1.13 will not work on the 1.12 map and features of 1.12 may fail to work in the 1.13 map areas. This will also cause some major visual "glitches".

   Option 2 will be to reset the map to allow all 1.13 map features to generate. With this option, we will make a copy of player builds, upon request, to paste into the new map at a location you choose. Please keep in mind that not everything can be copied and only the compatible features will be available.

   Option 3 will be a full reset. This option will allow all the 1.13 features and abilities. It will be an all-new map. The downside will be that not all player builds may be pasteable in the new map due to block data changes. With this option, it is advised that everyone start anew. We will still attempt to paste the copied player builds at a location of your choice

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